Weekday Wardrobe: An Ode to Summer Fashions

On this weeks Weekday Wardrobe, a *new* weekly blog post intended to inspire your weekday fashions, I was inspired by the rustic colors of the end of Summer and beginning of Fall. The crisping air and early sun sets signal the end of the bright summer days. But of course, it’s difficult to let summer fashions go without a final wave goodbye. The following looks are a hybrid between chic summer street wear and early fall fashions.


MONDAY: Rough Around The Edges

Rough Around the Edges



TUESDAY: Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth



WEDNESDAY: Modified Masculine

Modified Masculine



THURSDAY: Constructed Boho

Constructed Boho



FRIDAY: Rustic Cobalt

Rustic Cobalt


I hope these looks brought some inspiration to your weekday wardrobe selections!


Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 11.24.02 PM


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