HTTR: My Day At Redskins Training Camp


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During the summer, there is a delicate balance between finding an incredible experience and finding something that doesn’t break the bank. I’m sure you have wasted away multiple days at Six Flags or Kings Dominion thinking, “I’m just going to pay the entrance fee and won’t buy a thing so I can save my money“…….only to walk out $80.00 poorer and a stomach full of soggy chicken nuggets. Its okay, we’ve all been there, don’t feel bad!! As Summer comes to an end the list of affordable, worthwhile “To-Do’s” seems to be an impossible feat. Well, look no further! If you’re a true DMV resident and a part of the HTTR Nation, you are in luck! From July 24- August 11, the official Redskins Training Camp will be held at the Bon Secours Training Center in Richmond, VA…FOR FREE!! That’s right people, you can stare at the wonderfully chiseled athletic goodness of every NFL Redskin Player without paying a dime! Of course, growing up in a die-hard Redskin fan household, my families attendance to this event was almost implied.

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Now, I’m not going to sit here and pretend to be the worlds coolest chick that knows everything about gel nail polish, baked goods and football all at the same time, because to be honest, I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT SPORTS. Not that I’m saying that a girl can’t know everything about gel nail polish, baked goods and football– because I’m sure that mega-super-cool-sport-girly-chick-hybrid exists, I’m just not her.

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Let me break this down for you, in middle school PE class I was single-handedly the reason why my team always lost in every game. I would literally run away from the ball every time it came within a 4 foot radius. But, I am happy to report that my trip to Redskins Training Camp was just as fulfilling for a non-sporty chick– my only complaint would be the 8:30AM start time..

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I was shocked at the end of the two-hour practice how dedicated and loyal the players were to the fans. RGIII, along with many other players, literally walked right up to massive crowds of fans to  to sign and take pictures for a good 30 minutes. Ultimately, the cherry on top of a great day was when one of the players pulled a little boy onto the field with him and suited him up with football pads, helmet and all. Of course, the adorable little boy fell over with the weight of the pads and the crowd went hysterical.

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Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset If you’re looking for a quick day get-away and don’t mind waking up early, I highly suggest you check out the Redskins Training Camp. You can’t beat a newly built facility  with awesome food, beverage and entertainment vendors, NFL players and no entrance fee!


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